PMID: 575342Jan 1, 1979

The ultrastructural morphology of leukemia L 1210 ascites tumor cells transplanted with different frequency

Folia Histochemica Et Cytochemica
J FenczynW Kilarski


The mouse lymphatic leukemia L 1210 ascites tumor cells were transplanted every 3rd (L1210/3) or 6th day (L 1210/6) and then examined by an electron microscope. In cytoplasm of L 1210 cells thick bundles of 8 nm filaments were observed. Lysosomes were more numerous in L 1210/6 cells. Results obtained from morphometric datas shown that the relative cell volume of L 1210/6 population was 1.59 time larger as compared with L 1210/3. The index of nuclear volume to cell volume was very similar in both populations. The relative volume of endoplasmic reticulum was more than twice larger in the L 1210/3 population. The cell surface area was larger in the L 1210/6 cells as compared with this in L 1210/3 cells, but the increase in the surface was not proportional to the increase of the cell volume. The relative surface area of endoplasmic reticulum cisternae was smaller in L 1210/6 cells than in L 1210/3 population.

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