DOI: 10.1101/505867Dec 26, 2018Paper

The Unique Evolutionary Trajectory and Dynamic Conformations of DR and IR/DR-coexisting Plastomes of the Early Vascular Plant Selaginellaceae (Lycophyte)

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Hong-Rui ZhangXian-Chun Zhang


Both direct repeats (DR) and inverted repeats (IR) are documented in the published plastomes of four Selaginella species indicating the unusual and diverse plastome structure in the family Selaginellaceae. In this study, we newly sequenced complete plastomes of seven species from five main lineages of Selaginellaceae and also re-sequenced three species (S. tamariscina, S. uncinata and S. moellendorffii) to explore the evolutionary trajectory of Selaginellaceae plastomes. Our results showed that the plastomes of Selaginellaceae vary remarkably in size, gene contents, gene order and GC contents. Notably, both DR and IR structure existed in the plastomes of Selaginellaceae with DR structure being an early diverged character. The occurrence of DR structure was right after the Permian-Triassic (P-T) extinction (ca. 246 Ma) and remained in most subgenera of Selaginellaceae, whereas IR structure only reoccurred in the most derived subg. Heterostachys (ca. 23 Ma). The presence of a pair of large repeats psbK-trnQ, together with DR/IR region in S. bisulcata, S. pennata, S. uncinata, and S. hainanensis, could frequently mediate diverse homologous recombination and create approximately equal stoichiometric isomers (IR/DR-coexisting) and s...Continue Reading

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