DOI: 10.1101/502997Dec 21, 2018Paper

The whole genome sequence and mRNA transcriptome of the tropical cyclopoid copepod Apocyclops royi

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Tue Sparholt JørgensenLars Hestbjerg Hansen


Copepoda is one of the most ecologically important animal groups on Earth, yet very few genetic resources are available for this Subclass. Here, we present the first whole genome sequence (WGS, acc. UYDY01) and the first mRNA transcriptome assembly (TSA, Acc. GHAJ01) for the tropical cyclopoid copepod species Apocyclops royi . Until now, only the 18S small subunit of ribosomal RNA gene and the COI gene has been available from A. royi , and only one other cyclopoid copepod had WGS resources available. Overall, the provided resources are the 7th copepod species to have WGS available and the 19th copepod species with TSA information available. We analyze the length and GC content of the provided WGS scaffolds as well as the coverage and gene content of both the WGS and the TSA assembly. Finally, we place the resources within the copepod order Cyclopoida as a member of the Apocyclops genus. We estimate the total genome size of A. royi to 450 Mb, with 181 Mb assembled nonrepetitive, 76 Mb assembled repeats and 193Mb unassembled sequence. The TSA assembly consists of 29,737 genes and an additional 45,756 isoforms. In the WGS and TSA assemblies, >80% and >95% of core genes can be found, though many in fragmented versions. The provided...Continue Reading

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