There And Back Again -- Unraveling Mechanisms Of Bacterial Biogeography In The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre To And From Station ALOHA

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Markus V. Lindh


Bacterially-mediated fluxes of energy and matter are dynamic in time and space coupled with shifts in bacterial community structure. Yet, our understanding of mechanisms shaping bacterial biogeography remains limited. Near-surface seawater was collected during transits between Honolulu and Station ALOHA in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre to examine the shape of occupancy-frequency distributions (the different number of populations occupying different number of sites) and determine bacterial metapopulation dynamics. Bacterial 16S rRNA gene amplicons were sequenced from whole seawater and filter-size fractionated plankton DNA samples while also separating the community into distinct taxonomic groups at phyla/class and analyzing these compartments separately. For the total seawater (i.e. the >0.2 um size fraction) and picoplankton communities (i.e. the size fraction >0.2 um and < 3.0 um), but not the large size fraction community (i.e. the >3.0 um size fraction), most individual operational taxonomic units (OTUs) occupied a single site and the number of OTUs occupying different number of sites followed a significant bimodal pattern with several core OTUs occupying all sites. Nevertheless, only Cyanobacteria (in particular Proch...Continue Reading

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