PMID: 3370236Jan 1, 1988

Thermodynamic study of the structure of apomyoglobin

Iu V GrikoV P Kutyshenko


Sperm whale apomyoglobin structure has been studied thermodynamically at different temperatures and pH of solution by scanning microcalorimetry, viscosimetry, NMR and CD spectrometry techniques. It has been shown that at pH close to neutral, apomyoglobin has a compact highly cooperative structure with a well defined hydrophobic core. The stability of this structure is maximal at 30 degrees C and decreases both with an increase and decrease of temperature. Correspondingly, the compact three-dimensional structure of apomyoglobin is disrupted both upon heating and cooling of the solution. In acidic solutions this process is reversible and represents a cooperative transition between two macroscopic states--the ordered and disordered ones which can be regarded as the native and denatured states of molecule. The compactness and ellipticity of the denatured state depend significantly on pH: upon a decrease of pH in the region of ionization of carboxylic groups these parameters approach the values characteristic of a random coil. A comparison of the maximal stability of the cooperative structure of apomyoglobin which is 12 kJ.mol-1 at 30 degrees C and pH close to neutral ones with the maximal stability of metmyoglobin which is 49 Reading

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