Three-dimensional and high-speed swept-source optical coherence tomography for in vivo investigation of human anterior eye segments

Optics Express
Yoshiaki YasunoToyohiko Yatagai


A two- and three-dimensional swept source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) system, which uses a ready-to-ship scanning light source, is demonstrated. The light source has a center wavelength of 1.31 mum, -3 dB wavelength range of 110 nm, scanning rate of 20 KHz, and high linearity in frequency scanning. This paper presents a simple calibration method using a fringe analysis technique for spectral rescaling. This SS-OCT system is capable of realtime display of two-dimensional OCT and can obtain three-dimensional OCT with a measurement time of 2 s. In vivo human anterior eye segments are investigated two- and three-dimensionally. The system sensitivity is experimentally determined to be 114 dB. The three-dimensional OCT volumes reveal the structures of the anterior eye segments, which are difficult to observe in two-dimensional OCT images.


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Anterior Eyeball Segment Structure
Diagnostic Techniques, Surgical
Radiography, Dual-Energy Scanned Projection
Tomography, Optical Coherence
In Vivo

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