Jan 1, 1977

Thrombotest mixing experiments in congenital coagulation disorders of the prothrombin complex and in coumarin treated patients. An additional evidence against the presence of an inhibitor in the latter

Folia haematologica : internationales Magazin für klinische und morphologische Blutforschung
A GirolamiG Cella


Thrombotest clotting times of mixtures of coumarin plasmas and normal plasma yielded a patterm similar to that observed in mixtures of plasma with congenital coagulation disorders and normal plasma. The presence of 10 or 20% of test plasma in the mixture failed to affect the clotting times which resulted in normal limits. The only exception to this rule was the hemophilia BM plasma. In this case even the presence of 10-20% of patient plasma in the mixture caused a prolongation of the clotting time. This indicates that no inhibitor is present in coumarin plasmas and in the plasma of congenital coagulation disorders of the prothrombin complex save for hemophilia BM plasma which does contain an inhibitor.

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