Apr 10, 2020

Population matched (PM) germline allelic variants of immunoglobulin (IG) loci: New pmIG database to better understand IG repertoire and selection processes in disease and vaccination

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I. KhatriJacques J M van Dongen


At the population level, immunoglobulin (IG) loci harbor inter-individual allelic variants in the many different germline IG variable (V), Diversity (D) and Joining (J) genes of the IG heavy (IGH), IG kappa (IGK) and IG lambda (IGL) loci, which together form the genetic basis of the highly diverse antigen-specific B-cell receptors. These inter-individual allelic variants can be shared between or be specific to human populations. The current IG databases IMGT, VBASE2 and IgPdb hold information about germline alleles, most of which are partial sequences, obtained from a mixture of human (B-cell) samples, many with sequence errors and/or acquired (non-germline) IG variations, induced by somatic hypermutation (SHM) during antigen-specific B-cell responses. We systematically identified true germline alleles (without SHM) from 26 different human populations around the world, profiled by the "1000 Genomes data". Our resource is uniquely enriched with complete IG allele sequences and their frequencies across human populations. We identified 409 IGHV, 179 IGKV, and 199 IGLV germline alleles supported by at least seven haplotypes (= minimum of four individuals), after removal of potential false-positives, based on using other genomic dat...Continue Reading

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