PMID: 750Jan 1, 1975

Total brain ischaemia in dogs: cerebral physiological and metabolic changes after 15 minutes of circulatory arrest

B LindP Safar


Cross-clamping of the ascending aorta in dogs for 15 min produced severe neurological deficit, observed for up to 20 h. Immediately after restoration of the circulation, the intracranial pressure in the cisterna magna increased transiently to a mean peak of 22.8 Torr (SD +/- 1.7) because of a compensatory increase in systemic arterial pressure, without a fall in cerebral perfusion pressure. The intracranial pressure returned to control values 15-30 min after ischaemia and showed no secondary rise during the 8 h of observation. The electroencephalogram became isoelectric 34 +/- 6.5 s (mean +/-SD) after circulatory occlusion, and was abnormal when it reappeared 5 h 36 min (SD +/- 2 h 4 min) after the circulation was restored. The electrical impedance of the brain increased immediately after ischaemia and returned rapidly towards pre-ischaemic values during re-perfusion. The cerebral water had not increased measurably 4 h after ischaemia. After ischaemia, the lactate concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid increased to 4.7 mequiv./1(SEM +/-0.1) and the pH decreased to 7.17 (SEM +/-0.02); both returned to control values after 3.5 h. The cerebral glucose uptake was decreased 35 min after ischaemia, cerebral oxygen uptake remained u...Continue Reading


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