Toward high-throughput predictive modeling of protein binding/unbinding kinetics

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See Hong Chiu, Lei Xie


One of the unaddressed challenges in drug discovery is that drug potency determined in vitro is not a reliable indicator of drug efficacy and toxicity in humans. Accumulated evidences suggest that the in vivo activity is more strongly correlated with the binding/unbinding kinetics than the equilibrium thermodynamics of protein-ligand interactions (PLI) in many cases. However, existing experimental and computational techniques are both insufficient in studying the molecular details of kinetics process of PLI. Consequently, we not only have limited mechanistic understanding of the kinetic process but also lack a practical platform for the high-throughput screening and optimization of drug leads based on their kinetic properties. Here we address this unmet need by integrating energetic and conformational dynamic features derived from molecular modeling with multi-task learning. To test our method, HIV-1 protease drug complexes are used as a model system. Our integrated model provides us with new insights into the molecular determinants of the kinetics of PLI. We find that the coherent coupling of conformational dynamics between protein and ligand may play a critical role in determining the kinetic rate constants of PLI. Furthermor...Continue Reading

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P16 protease, Human immunodeficiency virus 1

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