DOI: 10.1101/479048Nov 27, 2018Paper

Towards the new normal: Transcriptomic and genomic changes in the two subgenomes of a 100,000 years old allopolyploid, Capsella bursa-pastoris

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D KryvokhyzhaMartin Lascoux


Allopolyploidy has played a major role in plant evolution but its impact on genome diversity and expression patterns remains to be understood. Some studies found important genomic and transcriptomic changes in allopolyploids, whereas others detected a strong parental legacy and more subtle changes. The allotetraploid C. bursa-pastoris originated around 100,000 years ago and one could expect the genetic polymorphism of the two subgenomes to become more similar and their transcriptomes to start functioning together. To test this hypothesis, we sequenced the genomes and the transcriptomes (three tissues) of allotetraploid C. bursa-pastoris and its parental species, the outcrossing C. grandiflora and the self-fertilizing C. orientalis . Comparison of the divergence in expression between subgenomes, on the one hand, and divergence in expression between the parental species, on the other hand, indicated a strong parental legacy with a majority of genes exhibiting a conserved pattern and cis -regulation. However, a large proportion of the genes that were differentially expressed between the two subgenomes, were also under trans -regulation reflecting the establishment of a new regulatory pattern. Parental dominance varied among tissue...Continue Reading

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