Sep 3, 2014

In situ differentiation of iridophore crystallotypes underlies zebrafish stripe patterning

Anna Szécsényi-NagyKurt Alt


Skin color patterns are ubiquitous in nature, evolve rapidly, and impact social behavior, predator avoidance, and protection from ultraviolet irradiation. A leading model system for vertebrate skin patterning is the zebrafish; its alternating blue stripes and yellow interstripes depend on guanine crystal-containing cells called iridophores that reflect light. It was suggested that the zebrafish alternating color pattern arises from a single type of iridophore migrating differentially to stripes and interstripes. When we tracked iridophores, however, we found they did not migrate between stripes and interstripes but instead differentiated and proliferated in place based on their micro-environment. RNA seq analysis further revealed stripe and interstripe iridophores had different transcriptomic states, while cryogenic scanning electron microscopy and micro-X-ray diffraction showed they had different guanine crystal organizations and responsiveness to norepinephrine, all indicating that stripe and interstripe iridophores are different cell types. Based on these results, we present a new model of skin patterning in zebrafish in which distinct iridophore crystallotypes containing specialized, physiologically responsive, subcellular ...Continue Reading

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