Apr 24, 2020

Co-expression analysis reveals interpretable gene modules controlled by trans-acting genetic variants

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L. KolbergKaur Alasoo


Developing novel therapies for complex disease requires better understanding of the causal processes that contribute to disease onset and progression. Although trans-acting gene expression quantitative trait loci (trans-eQTLs) can be a powerful approach to directly reveal cellular processes modulated by disease variants, detecting trans-eQTLs remains challenging due to their small effect sizes and large number of genes tested. However, if a single trans-eQTL controls a group of co-regulated genes, then multiple testing burden can be greatly reduced by summarising gene expression at the level of co-expression modules prior to trans-eQTL analysis. We analysed gene expression and genotype data from six blood cell types from 226 to 710 individuals. We inferred gene co-expression modules with five methods on the full dataset, as well as in each cell type separately. We detected a number of established co-expression module trans-eQTLs, such as the monocyte-specific associations at the IFNB1 and LYZ loci, as well as a platelet-specific ARHGEF3 locus associated with mean platelet volume. We also discovered a novel trans association near the SLC39A8 gene in LPS-stimulated monocytes. Here, we linked an early-response cis-eQTL of the SLC3...Continue Reading

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