Treatment of ragweed hay fever with intranasally administered disodium cromoglycate

Clinical Allergy
S CraigC E Arbesman


In a double-blind study the therapeutic effect of a 4% disodium cromoglycate (DSCG) nasal solution was evaluated in thirty-nine patients with acute symptoms of ragweed hay fever. Patients were randomly assigned to the DSCG or placebo group as they presented with allergic rhinitis. Overall, the DSCG was not more effective than placebo in controlling the symptoms of rhinitis or in decreasing the need for concomitant antihistamines or corticosteroids. Among patients with the highest pretreatment serum ragweed-specific IgE (RW IgE) levels, drug-treated patients had some reduction in symptoms as compared to their placebo controls during the peak of the ragweed pollen season. DSCG treatment did not influence the usual seasonal rise in RW IgE. Side effects from both the active and placebo aerosols were frequent but mild. We conclude that DSCG nasal solution used for the treatment of seasonal ragweed allergic rhinitis is relatively ineffective.


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