PMID: 6689336Nov 1, 1983

Trypanosoma rhodesiense bloodstream trypomastigote and culture procyclic cell surface carbohydrates

The Journal of protozoology
P R Jackson, C L Diggs


Bloodstream trypomastigote and culture procyclic (insect midgut) forms of a cloned T. rhodesiense variant (WRAT at 1) were tested for agglutination with the lectins concanavalin A (Con A), phytohemagglutinin P (PP), soybean agglutinin (SBA), fucose binding protein (FBP), wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), and castor bean lectin (RCA). Fluorescence-microscopic localization of lectin binding to both formalin-fixed trypomastigotes and red cells was determined with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-conjugated Con A, SBA, FBP, WGA, RCA, PNA (peanut agglutinin), DBA (Dolichos bifloris), and UEA (Ulex europaeus) lectins. Electron microscopic localization of lectin binding sites on bloodstream trypomastigotes was accomplished by the Con A-horseradish peroxidase-diamino-benzidine (HRP-DAB) technique, and by a Con A-biotin/avidin-ferritin method. Trypomastigotes, isolated by centrifugation or filtration through DEAE-cellulose or thawed after cryopreservation, were agglutinated by the lectins Con A and PP with agglutination strength scored as Con A greater than PP. No agglutination was observed in control preparations or with the lectins WGA, FBA or SBA. Red cells were agglutinated by all the lectins tested. Formalin-fixed bloodstream trypomast...Continue Reading


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