PMID: 24386746Jan 7, 2014

Types of articulation errors in individuals with cleft lip and palate

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet Thangphaet
Benjamas PrathaneeCholada Seepuaham


To identify types of articulation errors in speech camp. Sixteen children with cleft palate with or without lip and articulatory defects in Mahasarakham Province and surrounding area enrolled for 3-day intensive speech camp that was held in Srinagarind Hospital. Assessments of speech and language problems: articulation, resonance, nasal emission/turbulence, voice, and intelligibility were performed. Type of articulation errors were grouped based on standard guidelines. Velar production was the most common types, both at word (75%) and sentence levels (93%) followed by glottal and pharyngeal productions at word level testing (43.75% and 43.75%) and at sentence level (37.5% and 18.75%), respectively. Abnormal backing of oral targets was the most common speech type. Further study and early prevention for articulation disorders are needed.

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