Aug 1, 1983

Ultrastructure of initial nasal process cell fusion in spontaneous and 6-aminonicotinamide-induced mouse embryo cleft lip

D G Trasler, L Ohannessian


A search was made for cell ultrastructure differences in the initial fusion process of the medial and lateral nasal processes in mouse embryos of the following types: A/J with 12% cleft lip (CL), CL/Fr with 23% CL--both cleft-lip-predisposed strains, CL/Fr 6-aminonicotinamide (6AN)-treated (94% CL) and controls from the C57BL/6 strain (0% CL) and dancer stock (0% CL). No detectable differences were found between the A/J and CL/Fr strains and the controls in the epithelial cells showing initial contact and fusion. Epithelial surfaces not in contact in controls and where clefts were developing were smooth. Cells approaching or in contact had cell projections, intercellular junctions, desmosomes, and microfilaments demonstrating firm contact between the apposed epithelia. It has been postulated that spontaneous cleft lip was due to a predisposing face shape bringing about a failure of contact in some embryos and in others where contact was achieved fusion was normal. These data support this view. The situation, however, in 6AN-treated embryos is different. A few 6AN-treated embryos showed abnormal contact that appeared malpositioned and tenuous. The teratogen also caused increased cell death and a denser epithelium and mesenchyme....Continue Reading

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External Nose Structure
Electron Microscopy
Cell Fusion Procedure
Cleft Lip
Mice, Inbred A
Cleft Palate
Mice, Inbred C57BL

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