Understanding How Microbiomes Influence the Systems they Inhabit: Moving from a correlative to a causal research framework

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Ed K HallMatt Wallenstein


Translating the ever-increasing wealth of information on microbiomes (environment, host, or built environment) to advance the understanding of system-level processes is proving to be an exceptional research challenge. One reason for this challenge is that relationships between characteristics of microbiomes and the system-level processes they influence are often evaluated in the absence of a robust conceptual framework and reported without elucidating the underlying causal mechanisms. The reliance on correlative approaches limits the potential to expand the inference of a single relationship to additional systems and advance the field. In this perspective piece we propose that research focused on how microbiomes influence the systems they inhabit should work within a common framework and target known microbial processes that contribute to the system-level process of interest. Here we identify three distinct categories of microbiome characteristics (microbial processes, microbial community properties, and microbial membership) and propose a framework to empirically link each of these categories to each other and the broader system level processes they affect. We posit that it is particularly important to distinguish microbial co...Continue Reading

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