Jan 1, 1989

Uneven densities of corticopontine neurons in the somatosensory cortex: a quantitative experimental study in the cat

Experimental Brain Research
S E OverbyP Brodal


By use of large injections in the pontine nuclei of wheat germ agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase conjugate, the distribution of corticopontine cells in the primary somatosensory cortex (SI) was mapped quantitatively. The borders of the cytoarchitectonic areas 3a, 3b, 1 and 2, together constituting SI, were determined cyto- and myeloarchitectonically. Flat maps showing the distribution of labelled cells in SI were constructed. All labelled cells were confined to lamina V, and present in deep as well as superficial parts of this lamina. The size spectrum of the corticopontine cells seemed to encompass the whole range, from the smallest to the largest seen in lamina V of SI in thionin stained sections. Average densities of labelled corticopontine cells in SI varied from 114 to 248 per mm2 in different cases. No significant differences appear to exist between average densities in areas 3a, 3b, 1 and 2. However, densities vary consistently from medial to lateral within SI. When comparing this pattern with the physiological maps showing the somatotopical organization of SI, it appears that regions representing the trunk and proximal parts of the extremities have higher densities of corticopontine neurons than regions representing dis...Continue Reading

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