PMID: 108697Jan 1, 1979

Unusual course of a status epilepticus. (Case contribution to the problem of "interparoxysmal petit-mal-status")

Psychiatrie, Neurologie, und medizinische Psychologie
H Krüger, M L Schikarski


This is a record of a strange course of the petit mal status which persisted for almost four days following a series of grands maux. During the status, it was possible to observe in electroencephalogram a 2-2.5/sec and, finally, 2.5-3.5/sec spike and wave pattern which could be interrupted after the administration of 100 mg of diazepam. In contrast with the normally observed twilight state, this particular course of the petit mal status ("interparoxysmal petit mal status") is characterized by a marked disturbance of consciousness. There was no response to an intravenous administration of 750 mg of diphenylhydantoin.

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Epilepsy, Absence, Atypical
Simple Partial Status Epilepticus

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