Aug 1, 1970

Uptake, metabolism and release of (3H)-adrenaline by human platelets

British Journal of Pharmacology
G V Born, J B Smith


1. Measurements were made of the uptake, metabolism and release of [(3)H]-adrenaline by human platelets in citrated plasma or in an artificial medium.2. Radioactive adrenaline was not taken up at 0-2 degrees C. At 37 degrees C there was a slow uptake which continued for at least 5 hours.3. About half of the radioactivity in the platelets was intact adrenaline. The other half was an acidic metabolite from which adrenaline was released by acid hydrolysis.4. The immediate uptake of adrenaline was proportional to its concentration in the plasma up to at least 1 x 10(-5)M. Uptake measured after 1 h also increased linearly with concentration up to about 1 x 10(-4)M but less with higher concentrations. The highest concentration ratio was about 12.5. The concentration of metabolite in the platelets increased with the concentration of added adrenaline only up to about 2 x 10(-4)M.6. The immediate uptake of adrenaline was partially inhibited by phentolamine and dihydroergotamine. Measurement of uptake both immediately and after 1 h showed that the inhibition produced was not increased beyond about 50% by these drugs or by (+/-)-propranolol, chlorpromazine or amitriptyline up to 1 x 10(-4)M.7. Formation of the metabolite was inhibited by ...Continue Reading

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