Nov 25, 1975

Use of 5-deazaFAD to study hydrogen transfer in the D-amino acid oxidase reaction

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
L B Hersh, M S Jorns


The apoprotein of hog kidney D-amino acid oxidase was reconstituted with 5-deazaflavin adenine dinucleotide (5-deazaFAD) to yield a protein which contains 1.5 mol of 5-deazaFAD/mol of enzyme. The deazaFAD-containing enzyme forms complexes with benzoate, 2-amino benzoate, and 4-aminobenzoate which are both qualitatively and quantitatively similar to those observed with native enzyme. The complex with 2-aminobenzoate exhibits a new long wavelength absorption band characteristic of a flavin charge-transfer complex. The reconstituted enzyme exhibits no activity when assayed by D-alanine oxidation. However, the bound chromophore can be reduced by alanine, phenylalanine, proline, methionine, and valine, but not by glutamate or aspartate, indicating the deazaFAD enzyme retains the substrate specificity of the native enzyme. Reduction of the enzyme by D-alanine exhibits a 1.6-fold deuterium isotope effect. Reoxidation of the reduced enzyme occurred in the presence of pyruvate plus ammonia, but not with pyruvate alone or ammonia alone. beta-Phenylpyruvate and alpha-ketobutyrate, but not alpha-ketoglutarate could replace pyruvate. Reduced enzyme isolated following reaction with [alpha-3H]alanine was found to contain 0.5 mol of tritium/mo...Continue Reading

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