Mar 1, 1972

Use of cumulative dose-response curves in potency comparisons of sympathomimetic amines on the cat soleus muscle

British Journal of Pharmacology
M W Nott, C Raper


The ability of beta-adrenoceptor agonists to reduce the fusion of incomplete tetanic contractions of the soleus muscle of the cat has been used previously as a model to assess the potential tremor producing effect of sympathomimetic bronchodilators. The ability of (-)-isoprenaline, (-)-adrenaline, (+/-)-soterenol and (+/-)-quinterenol to depress incomplete tetanic contractions of the soleus has now been assessed using cumulative administration of the amines. The method quickly produced accurate and reproducible dose-response curves. It is particularly useful for evaluating the potency of long-acting compounds.

Mentioned in this Paper

Sympathomimetic Disorder
Study, Methodological
Soleus Muscle Structure
Administration Procedure
Bronchodilator Agents
Amines, Sympathomimetic
Epinephrine Acetate

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