Nov 8, 1996

Variations in the chondroitin sulfate-protein linkage region of aggrecans from bovine nasal and human articular cartilages

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
F ChengK Yoshida


Aggrecan-derived chondroitin sulfate (CS) chains, released by beta-elimination, were derivatized with p-aminobenzoic acid or p-aminophenol; radioiodinated; and subjected to graded or complete degradations by chondroitin ABC lyase to generate linkage region fragments of the basic structure DeltaGlyUA-GalNAc-GlcUA-Gal-Gal-Xyl-R (where DeltaGlyUA represents 4, 5-unsaturated glycuronic acid, and R is the adduct), by chondroitin AC lyase to generate the shorter fragment DeltaGlyUA-Gal-Gal-Xyl-R, or by chondroitin C lyase to generate the same fragment when it was linked to a 6-O-sulfated or unsulfated GalNAc at the nonreducing end. Fragments were separated by size using gel chromatography, by charge using ion-exchange chromatography, and by size/charge using electrophoresis and then characterized by stepwise degradations from the nonreducing end by using mercuric acetate to remove all terminal DeltaGlyUA, by bacterial glycuronidase to remove the same residue when linked to unsulfated or 6-O-sulfated GalNAc/Gal, by mammalian 4-sulfatase to remove sulfate from terminal GalNAc 4-O-sulfate, by chondro-4-sulfatase to remove 4-O-sulfate from other GalNAc/Gal residues, and by beta-galactosidase to remove terminal Gal. Results with CS from b...Continue Reading

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