DOI: 10.1101/462275Nov 5, 2018Paper

Vector analysis of steerable mechanical tension across nuclear lamina

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Tingting ChenJun Guo


The nucleus is the most prominent organelle in eukaryotic cells, and its deformation depends on interactions between the nuclear lamina (NL) and cytoskeleton structural tensions. The structural tensions can be quantified at a pico-Newton (pN) level using a genetically encoded optical probe. In living cells, NL tensions countered the 4.26pN resting strain imposed competitively by cytoskeletal tension. The depolymerization of microfilaments or microtubules drove an aberrant increase in outward osmotic pressure through the production of mass protein-nanoparticles. The osmotic pressure also served as a directional converter of inward cytoskeletal force, and contributed to the outward expansion of NL via the passive pull of intermediate filaments (IFs). The NL, but not IFs, can remotely detect extracellular osmosis pressure alterations, which are closely associated with highly polarized microfilament and microtubule structures and their directional force activities. The oxidative-induced increase of NL tension results from intracellular hyper-osmosis, associated closely with protein-nanoparticles production elicited by cofilin and stathmin activation. These data reveal that intracellular steerable forces interact direction-dependent...Continue Reading

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