Ventricular ectopy frequency and complexity not altered by exercise training in coronary disease patients

L J LaslettE A Amsterdam


To assess the effect of exercise training on ventricular ectopy in coronary artery disease patients, 21 patients with coronary disease had 24-hour ambulatory electrocardiograph recordings done at entry into a cardiac rehabilitation program and after 6 months' exercise training. Mean frequency of premature ventricular contractions was not significantly changed, being 9.7 +/- 33.0/h before and 13.2 +/- 94.3/h after training. 9 demonstrated an increased, 9 a decreased, and 3 an unchanged frequency. Lown grade of ventricular ectopy was similarly not consistently changed with training.

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Cardiac Arrhythmia
Coronary Heart Disease
Electrocardiographic Recorders
Left Ventricular Structure
Physical Education and Training

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