May 24, 2018

Visible light induced electropolymerization of suspended hydrogel bioscaffolds in a microfluidic chip

Biomaterials Science
Pan LiWen Jung Li


The development of microengineered hydrogels co-cultured with cells in vitro could advance in vivo bio-systems in both structural complexity and functional hierarchy, which holds great promise for applications in regenerative tissues or organs, drug discovery and screening, and bio-sensors or bio-actuators. Traditional hydrogel microfabrication technologies such as ultraviolet (UV) laser or multiphoton laser stereolithography and three-dimensional (3D) printing systems have advanced the development of 3D hydrogel micro-structures but need either expensive and complex equipment, or harsh material selection with limited photoinitiators. Herein, we propose a simple and flexible hydrogel microfabrication method based on a ubiquitous visible-light projection system combined with a custom-designed photosensitive microfluidic chip, to rapidly (typically several to tens of seconds) fabricate various two-dimensional (2D) hydrogel patterns and 3D hydrogel constructs. A theoretical layer-by-layer model that involves continuous polymerizing-delaminating-polymerizing cycles is presented to explain the polymerization and structural formation mechanism of hydrogels. A large area of hydrogel patterns was efficiently fabricated without the usag...Continue Reading

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