PMID: 7370221Jan 1, 1980

Vitamin C status, serum cholesterol levels and bile composition in the pregnant guinea-pig

The British Journal of Nutrition
S A Jenkins


1. Pregnant guinea-pigs receiving a low dose of L-ascorbic acid (0.2 mg/100 g body-weight per d) developed a hypercholesterolaemia in the third trimester of pregnancy, whereas no change in serum cholesterol levels was observed in pregnant animals receiving a higher dose of the vitamin (2 mg/100 g body-weight per d). 2. Pregnancy in the group of guinea-pigs receiving the higher dose of L-ascorbic acid was associated with an increased biliary secretion of bile acids. No change was observed in the biliary secretion of bile acids in pregnant animals receiving the lower dose of L-ascorbic acid, but these animals secreted significantly more cholesterol. 3. Changes in the biliary secretion of cholesterol and bile acids in the pregnant guinea-pig according to L-ascorbic acid intake were reflected in the composition of the gall-bladder bile. Thus, the gall-bladder bile of guinea-pigs receiving the lower dose of L-ascorbic acid contained more cholesterol, while the gall-bladder bile of those animals receiving the higher dose of the vitamin had a higher content of bile acids. 4. The increased cholesterol content of the gall-bladder of pregnant guinea-pigs receiving the lower dose of L-ascorbic acid resulted in decreased bile acid:choleste...Continue Reading


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