Jun 2, 2020

Xiaoyaosan decoction alleviated rat liver fibrosis via the TGFβ/Smad and Akt/FoxO3 signaling pathways based on network pharmacology and transcriptomic analysis

Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Yuan ZhouShi-Bing Su


Liver fibrosis is an outcome of many chronic liver diseases and often results in cirrhosis, liver failure, and even hepatocarcinoma. Xiaoyaosan decoction (XYS) as a classical Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula is used to liver fibrosis in clinical practice while its mechanism is unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-fibrosis effect of XYS and to explore the molecular mechanisms by combining network pharmacology and transcriptomic technologies. The carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced liver fibrosis rat were treated with three doses of XYS. The liver fibrosis and function were evaluated by histopathological examination and serum biochemical detection. The fibrosis related protein a-SMA and collagen I were assessed by Western blot. Different expressed genes (DEGs) between XYS-treated group and model group were analysed. The herb-component-target network was constructed combined the network pharmacology. The predict targets and pathways were validated by in vitro and in vivo experiments. With XYS treatment, the liver function was significantly improved, and fibrotic changes were alleviated. The a-SMA and collagen I expression levels in the liver were also decreased in XYS-treated rats compared with CCl4...Continue Reading

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