PMID: 9373736Jan 1, 1997Paper

Z-100, a polysaccharide-rich preparation extracted from the human type Mycobacterium tuberculosis, improves the resistance of Meth-A tumor-bearing mice to endogenous septic infection

H SasakiK Nomoto


The effect of Z-100, an immunomodulatory arabinomannan extracted from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, on cecal ligation and puncture (CLP)-induced sepsis in mice bearing Meth-A fibrosarcoma was investigated. When normal BALB/c mice were subjected to the CLP procedure, their mortality rate was 17%. On the other hand, an increased mortality was observed in tumor-bearing mice subjected to CLP 10 days after tumor inoculation, and then all mice died when tumor-bearing mice were subjected to CLP 20 days after tumor inoculation. However, the increased percent mortality was decreased by 50% when these mice were injected intraperitoneally with a 10 mg/kg dose of Z-100. When splenocytes (5 x 10(7) cells), obtained from Meth-A tumor-bearing mice 20 days after tumor inoculation, were transferred intravenously to normal mice (recipient mice), mortality of these recipient mice were increased by 62% as compared with that of the control (22%). However, no increased mortality (25%) was observed in recipient mice which were transferred with splenocytes from tumor-bearing mice injected intraperitoneally with Z-100 (10 mg/kg). In addition, suppressor cell activity was demonstrated in splenocytes from Meth-A tumor-bearing mice at 20 days after tumor in...Continue Reading