DOI: 10.1101/248666Jan 16, 2018Paper

Zebrabase: An intuitive tracking solution for aquatic model organisms

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Jana OltovaPetr Bartunek


Small fish species, like zebrafish or medaka, are constantly gaining popularity in basic research and disease modeling as a useful alternative to rodent model organisms. However, the tracking options for fish within a facility are rather limited. Here, we present an aquatic species tracking database, Zebrabase, developed in our zebrafish research and breeding facility that represents a practical and scalable solution and an intuitive platform for scientists, fish managers and caretakers, in both small and large facilities. Zebrabase is a scalable, cross-platform fish tracking database developed especially for research fish facilities but can be easily adapted for a wide variety of aquatic model organisms housed in tanks. It provides sophisticated tracking, reporting, and management functions that help keep the animal-related records well-organized including a QR code functionality for tank labeling. The implementation of various user roles ensures a functional hierarchy and customized access to specific functions and data. In addition, Zebrabase enables easy personalization of rooms and racks, and its advanced statistics and reporting options make it an excellent tool for creating periodic reports of animal usage and productivi...Continue Reading

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