TMEM16K is an interorganelle regulator of endosomal sorting

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Maja PetkovicY. N. Jan


Communication between organelles is essential for their cellular homeostasis. Neurodegeneration reflects the declining ability of neurons to maintain cellular homeostasis over a lifetime. The endolysosomal pathway plays a prominent role in this process by regulating protein and lipid sorting and degradation. Here, we report that TMEM16K, an endoplasmic reticulum lipid scramblase causative for spinocerebellar ataxia (SCAR10), is an interorganelle regulator of the endolysosomal pathway. We identify endosomal transport as a major functional cluster of TMEM16K in proximity biotinylation proteomics analyses. TMEM16K forms contact sites with endosomes, reconstituting split-GFP with small GTPase RAB7. Our study further implicates TMEM16K lipid scrambling activity in endosomal sorting at these sites. Loss of TMEM16K function led to impaired endosomal retrograde transport and neuromuscular function, one of the symptoms of SCAR10. Thus, TMEM16K-containing ER-endosome contact sites represent clinically relevant platforms for regulating endosomal sorting.

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